Randy Locke is not bound by conventional genres.
His sound is familiar and compared to the likes of 21 Pilots at times,
but while ensuring he supports his brand and the development of his fan base,
his writing is a direct reflection of inspirations throughout his daily life.
Locke is an exceptionally affectionate singer/songwriter capturing
a wide range and variety of emotion and combining his passion for
explicitly clear lyricism and intuitive/strategic, nostalgic, sentimental, sphinx-like,
and sometimes even sensual compositions from the New York/New Jersey area.
A smooth, tender and sugary yet exacting, rugged, and rigorous mix of instinct, emotion, philosophy, and strategy,
Locke capitalizes on his ability to capture any emotion and connect with any listener.
Hitting the Nielson Charts and topping over Selena Gomez’s hit “Bad liar” last year
with his debut single from his first EP and internet success, DIARY.

Locke began his professional career in 2017 by completing his debut EP working with
award-winning producers Donte Boss, Abe Stewart, and Steve Valenzuela.
Now carrying momentum, his music is streamed globally with his focus demographics of the United States and Germany.
His highly anticipated debut album “Lockedown,” was released in May 2017
featuring his debut single DIARY out now on Amazon, Spotify, and iTunes.

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